A wonderful collection of rare breed farm animals and birds which offers a richness of sight and taste.

Cassiobury Farm priorities rare breed farm animals from the UK and abroad, and looks to combine a desire to protect and support rare breeds with the need for modern day commercial viability. From the wonderful Gloucester Old Spot Pig to the vicarious Soay Sheep to the slightly strange Norfolk Black Turkey, Cassiobury Farm is home to many endangered and vulnerable species.

We have small groups of each of the species, which are kept to the highest standards of hygiene, diet and welfare. Almost all of our groups exist as part of breeding programmes and we often have excess stock for sale

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Trout Fishery

Trout farming was introduced to the UK in the 1950’s and since then the industry has grown substantially. Cassiobury Farm is one of 360 trout farms in the UK.

We specialise in Rainbow Trout (onchorynchus mykiss), which although originally native to North West America has been introduced throughout the world and copes best with the British climate.

Most farms us tanks or ponds to grow the trout. As Cassiobury Farm we are fortunate to be able to grow our trout in one of our fresh flowing streams, which means they always enjoy crystal clear, natural spring water. We harvest our trout at about 7 months old, selling them direct from the stream to the customer.