A love of good food and a passion for natural growing methods come together in the Kitchen and Herb Garden at Cassiobury Farm.



The whole of the Farm is a small local ecosystem and we endeavour to utilise our Kitchen Garden as part of that process. Much of the fruit & veg eaten by our farm and exotic animals is grown in our Kitchen Garden and picked fresh each day. We then have a system of composting and worm farming to take the animal waste and green waste to replenish and maintain soil fertility.

We mostly grow traditional fruit and veg like carrots, potatoes, peas, apples, strawberries and raspberries in our Kitchen Garden, our large all-year-round heated Victorian Greenhouse does give us the opportunity to try out the odd banana or lemon as well.

Bees & Honey

Given how much bees love to visit our apple orchard and herb gardens . . . we thought we’d invite them to be permanent guests and in 2015 set up our first beehives.

Our hives hold about 60,000 bees each, most of which are ‘worker bees’. And they need to work! Each bee will on average only produce half a teaspoon of bees. So to make a pound of honey it takes 556 foraging bees . . . to visit 2 million flowers . . . flying a total of 55,000 miles.


The Herb Garden

Whilst we alter our herbs through the years, the following are herbs that we generally have on offer, with their most usual culinary application:

View the trees of Cassiobury Farm.

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