14 Jul Red Squirrel

Once Britain’s indigenous squirrel, the larger American grey squirrel has mostly taken their territory in the south of England. Recognisable by their bush tail and ear tufts, red squirrels were popular in English literature (including Beatrix Potter) and are great swimmers....

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24 Jun Continental Giant Rabbit

The Continental Giant is found in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest rabbit breed in the world. They have been known to weigh as much as 53 lbs. The fur of the Continental Giant is thick and glossy with shiny, dense fur up to...

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24 Jun New Zealand White Rabbit

Despite their name, New Zealand Whites were developed in America and are the favourite breed for meat and pelts. The doe is fertile all year long with a gestation period of around a month. The kits are born hairless, blind and deaf, but within 3 weeks...

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24 Jun Cockatiel

Cockatiels originated from the wilds of Australia, but their playful personalities and attractive plumage have made them one of the most popular pets across the world. They are highly sociable birds, liking attention, contact and to be kept busy. Whilst they are 12-14 inches in length,...

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24 Jun Pelican

Pelicans are one of nature’s giant birds, with individual specimens reaching a wingspan of 5 metres. They live on every continent except Antarctica, although our pelicans all originate from Africa. Pelicans are known for their unusual beaks, which can hold up to three buckets of fish...

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